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Hi there,

I am Sukanta Dutta. I have done Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) and Masters in Science in MathematicsSukanta Dutta (MSc. Maths). Software Programming and Software Troubleshooting has been my hobby. So, I started this Blog to share my little knowledge and experience in this field and to learn from you and your practical experience. Besides, I have another blog where I share my knowledge of Mathematics.

While I was a student of Computer Science, I felt trouble in finding solutions to technical problems related to Software. I found so many websites helping students like me. Besides, there were so many problems I suffered which I failed to find solution on Internet. Those have been solved by me in “Trial & Error” method.

This inspired me to become a blogger and share my experience to the needy one. Hope this blog will bring some respite to the new comers in the field of Computer Science. Also there will be some posts on money making strategy through Internet.

This site does not charge you anything to read posts and share your knowledge. It’s FULL FREE of any charge to surf the information given herewith.

The Author

Sukanta Dutta

The author is writing technical blog for last few years. He shares his knowledge on Computer Networks, Database Technologies, Security Aspects of Network and Database etc. He also likes to hear from the reader of this blog to learn more, so he welcomes guest writing for this blog.
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