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How can I prevent cybercrime as a small business

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How can I prevent cybercrime as a small business

The Lowdown on Cybercrime

How can I prevent cybercrime as a small business

How can I prevent cybercrime as a small business

As a generation who are now reliant on the internet and technology more than ever before, we see a sharp rise in cybercrime. Because we are always connected to the digital world and rarely switch off from it, this has provided cybercriminals with a golden opportunity to commit these cybercrimes, which target everyone – businesses, groups and individuals – for their data and money.

Today, the internet is a massive hub of data which cybercriminals want to get their dirty hands on for personal and financial gain.

Unfortunately for us, cybercrime is massively diverse and comes in many different forms.

There are constantly new and quite frankly genius methods being devised to commit cybercrimes, which really devastate the lives of millions of people and cause huge financial harm to businesses across the world. Best VPNs has the exact numbers to illustrate in detail the gigantic scale of this modern, global threat.

In particular, online businesses are a major target for cybercriminals, because of all the interesting, sensitive and lucrative financial data they hold. It is not just online businesses which are under threat, though. Individuals are just as vulnerable to cybercrime, albeit on a smaller scale.

We can easily prevent or at least greatly reduce the risk of cybercrime, though, with the right security procedures in place and investment in certain software or security services. Companies are beginning to recognise the importance of this and are spending big bucks on securing their businesses and business interests.

Because of cybercrime, the cybersecurity industry is worth a whopping $120 billion. It is not hard to see why this is the case, when the average cost for a large UK based firm is £36,500 when they are attacked. Companies are investing big money into cybersecurity for long term savings.


How can I prevent cybercrime as a small business?

It is really quite easy. Although the cybersecurity industry is huge, you do not need to spend big bucks on it. As a small business, you are a target – don’t forget that – but you are not as ‘at risk’ as most larger businesses or notable celebrities.

So, how can you protect your business? There are many approaches you can take. It is pretty simple, and you do not need to plough large amounts of money into cybersecurity. You can, if you want to, and to have some funds set aside in an account which are dedicated towards remedying any cyberattacks, if they are ever to occur.

Following some simple steps, though, is all you really need to do as a small business, to operate a safe environment.

  • Encrypt your WiFi network with a strong password.

  • Change your networks’ password regularly.

  • Public networks are not secure, so you should not use these for business purposes.

  • Encrypt files, folders and drives with sensitive information.

  • Have a strict password policy and enforce it; make your employees follow it and make them change their passwords regularly.

  • Keep your network, including computer software, up to date.

  • Consider using a VPN, as there are many affordable options that enhance security manifold.

  • Educate your employees on the importance of cybersecurity.


Cybercrime is a serious issue

You should not disregard cybercrime as being anything but a really serious issue. The cost of cybercrime in particular is staggering. On average, malware costs large businesses $2.3 million, web based attacks cost just over $2 million and phishing and social engineering (tricking employees into handing over information) costs $1.2 million.

In 2017, thousands of computers were infected by serious pieces of malware. 200,000 computers across 150 countries, for example, were infected by the WannaCry malware, and major database leaks – including the CIA one – took place.

If you want to learn more about cybercrime and the effect it is having on our world, check out the infographic below.

*** How can I prevent cybercrime as a small business ***

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